Are Pures still a thing?

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I am back from a long long hibernation away from this game for many years. It seems a lot has changed over the years. I am currently on my old pure account with the following stats:

75 attack
95 strength
10 def
93 HP
94 magic
99 range
52 prayer

I am wondering if I should keep the defense at 10 or move it up? Do pures still PK? At combat lvl 97 it seems to be too high of a combat level to be competitive? I just started up p2p again if that helps answer any questions. Thanks guys.

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Pking in general isn't really a thing in rs3. The amount of people who do it is very small, especially outside of warband hours (which only happens every 7 hours). Pures also aren't much of a thing anymore in pvp/pking. Almost all of the people who currently pvp/pk use t90s(nox) or atleast a t87 like decimation with gear like royal/rockshell/skele+ some even use ports gear (death lotus etc)

If you're looking for pures and very active pvp/pking, osrs will be a better option. Especially if you are coming back from a "long long" hibernation, you might not be familiar with eoc.
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Pures still exist, but as mentioned, PVP is not a popular part of this game anymore :(

It's more... just a fun/alternative way to play this game now. Similar to a skiller.
I have a main, pures and tanks that I personally still enjoy playing on :D
(this is my weird awesome summon tank variant) lol. :O
You can "duel anywhere" now, so that's kind-of pking... O_o

Just to make you aware: you can reset your defence stat (once only!) by speaking with Nastroth in Lumbridge.

I'd recommend playing on your main to see if you prefer playing as a main. If you don't have a main, you could always level up your defence, complete all of the quests that you want, kill everything that you want, obtain all of the loot/kill count/boss pets/fire capes/tok-haar capes/slayer levels/reaper points/shattered anima/ability unlocks ETC then reset your defence to level 1! Or you could level it to 3, which gives you the anticipation ability. -Very handy for pvp.

I have explained why PVP has died in RS3 in my "The New Wild" thread - "Why Is The Wild Dead" section. If you want to help me "make PVP a thing" again, please read and support or comment on my threads that are linked in my "signature" (below).

PS: you can level your attack up to 94 now, without gaining any combat levels. The CB formula changed. Multiple times, in fact.

I love abilities and I hope that PVP will be a thing again someday
Good luck and I hope you have fun in this new world of RS!
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