Whats up with Barbarian Assaul

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Hey, I have been playing for a few weeks after long years break of RS, and this quite surprised me, no one is playing Barbarian Assault minigame, even on its dedicated world, am I missing out something, or is there time dedicated to this minigame?

26-Jan-2019 09:34:35

Stoic n Vain

Stoic n Vain

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Few people play minigames anymore :(
Most people just grind this game now...

If you are looking for those few people that play this game for fun, join an FC!
For example: join the "ba teams" friends chat. You can sometimes find people who will play barbarian assault in there.

You can also find players playing BA during the time that barbarian assault is "spotlighted".

Good luck!
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27-Jan-2019 12:48:01

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