Duplicate Black Ibis outfit

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Pyramid Plunder minigame:

What can be done with duplicate Black Ibis outfit pieces? Anything?? According to the off-site Wiki, they are untradable, can not be alched, and can not be disassembled.

This outfit has benefits, so duplicates should have some use. I'm saying this because I am comparing it to another outfit found thieving, the Prifddinian Musician, which is more common, can be obtained in duplicates, but has no benefits other than being cosmetic, so is sort of useless.

Personally, I don't need any more sets, as I keep mine in my POH, and use Camouflage when thieving. For players who do use it, the upcoming bank update that will allow placeholders will make the need of duplicate sets obsolete.

If someone thinks this should be moved to, say, the Ninja Team category, or Suggestions category, then feel free to do so.
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