Republic of Varrock T30

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-+- Basic Information
• Username: Crucioman24
• Combat Level: 197
• Total Level: 1789

-+- Requirements
• Are you a RuneScape member (P2P)?: Yes
• Have you read all of the informational sections of this forum?: Yes
• If so, do you understand and agree to follow the rules and expectations we have for our members?: Yes
• Are you joining with the intention to remain active in the clan, and do you promise to participate? (Citadel Resource Capping, Attending Events and Meetings, Active in Clan Chat): Yes
• Which territory would you like to join? (Misthalin, Asgarnia, Northern Kandarin, Southern Kandarin, the North, the Isles, the Desert, Morytania, the Elves, or the Underworld) More Information can be found on the Enactment Thread on the Clan Page Forums: Wherever you need me

-+- Survey
• How did you find out about us? (forum searching, forum invitation, clan vexelum, another player): Forum Searching
• If by forum invitation or another player, who was it?:
• Have you been in other clans in the past?: Yes, lots of experiences.
• Why do you want to join this clan?: Just started playing again, looking for community.


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