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Isolated Best Monsters Guide Idea: Karamja/Brimeheven and dungeons

TzHaar-Mej : has more Varied Drops, and seems more worth while then the other TzHaar-Mej Creatures. as a whole I would attack them all though

Crandor island/Dungeon: Home to many monsters, however Lessers Demons are the best by far. mostly useful for its grapes and Fire runes.

Tai Bwo Wannai Clean Up: Most useful items are: the Tribal masks, which can be converted into brood shield also know as a Tribal shields with 8 nails, 2 snake skins which grants the crafter 100 xp per shield.

Brimhaven Dungeon has a lot of creatures, Narrowed the best monsters best I can, here are the following; Fire Giants, Greater Demons, Black Demons, Red Dragons, Iron/steel Dragons

Fire Giants: has good source drops for it's alchables, Rune arrows, and Fire runes.

Greater Demons: these Demons has a good drop table for pure essence, and Alchables and farily decent Crimson Charms

Black Demons: Has a reasonable drops for uncut and alchables also good for crimsons charms.

Red Dragon has a well rounded drop table, useful for herbs of all levels, not bad for alchables and the Green charms are really good.

Iron/steel dragons are mainly very good for alchabes.

Mithril Dragons, In resource Dungeon. (Requirement: 80 Dungeoneering, Hard Karamja Tasks and Hoardstalker ring) The Main drops to go for is: Alchables, Rune bolts, rune arrows and potions. (if you want to increase melee stats and prayer pots to restore your prayer)

Adamant Dragons, there are three small rooms each one has a different slayer requirement: 70, 80 and 90 the bigger room, to enter this dungeon you need Hero's Welcome quest.

these adamant dragons are good for Green charms, alchables, dragon Equipment (less Rarer then iron, Steel and Mithril Dragons), uncut diamonds, addy, rune bars and yews logs.

Tribesman are good for clue scrolls, because of it's area near the Karmaja dungeon there are lots of them.
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