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I'm new to the game...not new to gaming. I haven't friended anyone...haven't traded anyone...haven't done anything in this game or clicked on anything that would put me at risk for getting hijacked. I logged into the game today...I haven't set up an authenticator was setup asking for a code. I'm certain this isn't normal. I took it off...reset it to my phone...changed the email, etc. Thoughts?

02-Mar-2019 03:59:53

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All very odd. Probably have more luck browsing threads in the Community Led Account Help section. Mostly the threads involving making your account secure, and even your PC.

02-Mar-2019 06:42:54

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Thought the code was sent to your phone & used when you logg in and this is RS way of making sure it is you...My friend got 1 and he says it just send him a code to his phone & he reenter it into rs to be able to play RS....*eQgsxg/

11-Mar-2019 23:55:06

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