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Hello the people of Runescape,

I have a problem which annoys me really much, when i started OSRS i registered with the E-Mail of my school/university but my school decided to change the email from to there it all started with the problems, i cant change my password on my account on OSRS because when i click on change password it automaticly sends a email to my inbox on my email but since the email is changed i dont receive any emails from jagex to my email? Hope i explained it well and im thankful for any advices given.

05-Mar-2019 22:39:38

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If you no longer have control of or access to your registered email, you will need to complete an account recovery in order to change the registered email.

Go to the Support Centre article: Changing your registered email - Follow the instructions for "Don't have access to the registered email?"

The Denied password resets article provides details of what information is needed, if you want to make sure you have that available before you start the recovery.

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05-Mar-2019 23:24:53

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