Construction. Updates needed

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I agree, haven't changed anything in my house since I was 75 con, did con to 99 and left. With all these 'Player Owned' content, should just merge it all in one, a nice Draken style castle and down the road a port with all my ships. 'Player Owned Lands' :)

16-Apr-2019 04:16:29

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What gets me is that OSRS has a more substantial Construction Skill than our current RS3 game has. :/

I've been tempted to play OSRS just to level my Construction and get a cooler house :/

20-Apr-2019 19:14:08



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I too would like to see an update, but if only a minimal one was to happen then to armor hotpots as the castle wars armor is difficult to acquire now, and with master work armor and skill outfits, these spots could have something else or have armor options for all on both sides as it bothers me,

the other things id like to see would be an option to rotate / mirror flip rooms and an invention bench either in the workshop or in a a new room, as well as a higher room limit ( which i think would probably end up in the store)

24-May-2019 06:10:58

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Building a base camp in Anachronia is revealed in the June BTS. It sounds very much like a construction update to me, and if so, a really nice one since it will take construction outside the POH and makes it more like a skill in the open world instead of just an instanced minigame.

11-Jun-2019 01:52:30

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