Miss Schism Quest

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Erifursas said:
yes support

She is a member of the draynor manor restoration fund she tells you how draynor manor is going to be turned into a museum.

Let's build this museum up as part of the quest, a museum dedicated to the world guardian and all his accomplishments.( can still keep old draynor manor as is just instance it off like a player owned house and heck let our friends able to come and see )

Make it an adventure across the world back to key locations from important quests to retrieve stuff that you'll put on display as a way to remember the quests completed heck let us rebattle some quest bosses again for the combat element ( i'd like elvargs head in a display cabinet ).

You could make it one long quest that will pay homage to many of the quests that are out there or start and end it short and sweet and build upon it as you complete more quests.

I just feel that after all those quests the ingame world does not really recognise you much for what you have done and building up your own museum customising how it looks and all having that sense of "i built this" whilst also the sense of "i accomplished all of this" from all the quests you done that the museum pays homage to.


01-Jul-2018 04:27:01

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