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For the suggestion of a seasonal hiscores for the low-end bosses, create a seasonal hiscores for the 2 low end bosses (regular & hardmode giant mole, kbd) done solely on f2p worlds.

Would be a little interesting to see the giant mole times then.

13-Feb-2018 04:20:44



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Please make these things more regular/permanent! :( I missed the chance last time these ran and i'm dying waiting for them to come back :( I may not have a chance at a title but i'd love to know where I sat! even if only to beat my own times!
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14-Feb-2018 04:26:23

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not noticed this thread hahaha.

but i really like them. id rather they be perm feature. ones which is more ability, than time spent. like fastest time to do x is better than most amount of kills. as thats just who doesnt work full time. as full time workers cant do most of them. even though i was able to be top 100 for imp kills doing imp scroll. fastest dg floor a lot better
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