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I'm sure this has been recommended, but I'm not reading all of the recommendations brought up.

In the exploration section of the achievement list, I think it'd be really swell if you added the priffidinas as one of the places with easy - elite tasks.
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06-Feb-2019 18:14:15

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i would like to see an addition to the quiver to make it feel worth the grind. i would like to see the ability to add more than 1 ammo type into it at once MAVERlCK pvm fc

08-Mar-2019 05:24:49

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A Lovely Pair-oah: Have a fully grown Cactus, Potato Cactus, or Prickly Pear in both the Al-Kharid and Menaphos farming patches.
Enraptored: Unlock the Raptor's Advanced Outfit, or wear it if it is already unlocked.
The Good Stuff: Drink each of the following Mature ales: (basically an addition to Gielinorian Cuisine, except it's for all of the possible Brews, or could be a standalone Cooking achievement to brew them all yourself)
Tinker Tonnes: Successfully discover all of the possible Invention Blueprints.
I Grappled With This One For A While: Build, and fill, every Agility shortcut Hidey-Hole.
Scrim Age: Complete all of the Scrimshaw scrolls in the Player-Owned Port minigame.
Scrolling Scrolling Scrolling: Complete all of the scrolls from the Player-Owned Port minigame.

12-Apr-2019 19:18:00

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Is there a way to access the achievements offline? I want to start keeping track and make plans but I cant seem to find out if I have done an achievement unless I log into my character. That is not always practical. Thanks in advance if anyone has info.

18-Jun-2019 20:26:32

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*That's more like it: Resonace what would be a 3k heal (incase you have too much hp for the full hit)
*How many lightbulbs does it take: Fix 100 Lightbulbs in Dorgeshaan (think there is already something for this but not an achivement)
*Maybe something along the lines of making a full set of a certain elemental workshop set. (most people finish the quest and because the quest was difficult never return to find out how easy it is later to just make armour doing it, because they think making it is like being forced to do the quest all over again)
*1 + 2 + 3 is 3: have active a Tier 1 luck, Tier 2 luck and Tier 3 luck active at one time. (so people know there are multiple choices for luck in the game and different tiers and that no, they are not cumulative.
*1 little, 2 little 3 little penguins: Collect 3 penguins in a row without deploying one inbetween. Releasing and collecting tinker penguins is actually a really great Agility training method that isn't really made light of in the game, but when you find it, makes a world of difference. (esspeically in a very confined area)
Something about checking a master clan cape to check the seren songs while not in Priff
Using the guthix staff special on a certain boss
Using a calorie bomb to heal others
Using the locator to teleport to a certain location
having 100 kc on every slayer creature listed on beast tab.
*I can do this all day: have atleast -25kg as your weight (will allow a few different methods to obtain, or higher if you want to make i tharder)
Burning 30 logs in a certain amount of time, to be done either with the pyromaniac perk or from char's book. (a lot of people don't take advantage of the book as a firemaking method, and kinda rightly so since some random person can usually pick up your logs you left on the ground as you are walking over them to burn them.)

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The introduction of an equipped item pre-imbued with infinite use of all runes. It can only be bought at the Grand Exchange and price is high as the Party Hat's, once a player loses the item by PKers, it will convert into lower amounts of coins. Fair is fair.

25-Jun-2019 21:54:01

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