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Hello, we are planet Caravan, lead by a tight-knit, long time runescape players that have been playing together for 5+ years, we are currently looking to expand and are recruiting for everything from skilling to pvm and masses. If you are looking for a permanent home with active leadership, look no further. We will have occasional clan events that are completely optional but highly recommended to attend, such as castle wars, pest control, bossing, raids, group skilling etc. Our citadel is T7 and we have every plot available. We have very knowledgeable players that are willing to help newer players or those that are just returning. Our clan founder and leader is Glass Eye, with 6+ years of clan leadership experience he is a great leader to have that you can go to with any game related question or advice. For any additional information add clan leader:Glass Eye, or deputies: Diddle1, Ashravan.

30-Jul-2019 00:45:45

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