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[firebrick]Welcome to 0srsMafia Forum[/firebrick]m[/b] [b]Clan description[/b] [i]I played 01-09. I was apart of an elite clan that was more of a family then a clan . I wanted to bring a clan who had the same feel and methods to Osrs . A very laid back and relax clan that don't have crazy requirements or steep daily criteria. Everyone is welcome to join rather you are a pvmer,skiller or a pker . Each type of person and gameplay has something to offer to the clan.[/i] [b]Clan Reqruiements[/b] [i]1. Combat lvl 70, 500 tota level or 75 qp. must meet 1 of the 3 2. Must be 18+[/i] [b]Clan rules[/b] [chocolate][i]1. No sexist,racists or degrading remarks . Everyone is welcome and shouldn't feel uncomfortable 2.No begging, scamming or clan hopping . We only want people who want to see the clan grow and will put the time and effort into the clan [/i][/chocolate] [b]Host weekly events and comeptions . [/b] [b]To apply join our discord server[ Join the in game chat 0srsMafia, Or follow the clan twitter account 0srsMafia and send a pm to twitter [b]

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As this forum is part of the RS3 Clan Forums, (and is not to be used for recruiting), your thread in the Old School Clans Forum is the better placed, so please continue to use [qfc id=]that thread[/qfc].

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