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As the title states, The AFKers are in need of a well-knowledged "pro" pvmer to help grow and lead a pvm-sector within our social clan, as we would enjoy learning and partaking in clan-run pvm trips.

We are looking for someone who knows all bosses/roles/tips to kill efficiently, and who has the patience to teach clannies said bosses and roles.

As this role essentially is in charge of PvM within the clan, and being a large aspect of the game, we are offering Overseer/Bronze-key rank, after completion of a 1-3 month trial to see how well you fit in as a leader.

Aside from leading the pvm sector, just as any lead/admin does and should, we expect help with capping weekly, help with clan recruiting, and general socializing within cc and discord.

If interested in this role, please PM: Ms aASHSteel, Truly Jeebus, When All Day, or myself. Alternatively, guest in our cc in reply to this post.

The AFKers

13-Aug-2019 23:49:08

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clan leader is looking for other players to help me run a successful clan. Due to unforeseen events I am now trying to run a clan by myself and due to this, a major loss in interest followed. Before giving up with the clan all together, I am looking for other players that would be interested in helping me to build the clan up from the ground up. Just PM me in game or guest in clan and let me know about this post so I know your interests.


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Guardian Academy
- Looking for Staff

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Guardian Academy is currently looking to fill all staff positions. You can view the positions below. We are a social clan that strive to keep a family friendly environment and drama free. Our clan forums can be found by clicking here -

The two staff positions that I need filled ASAP are,
-Discord Manager
-Citadel Manager

Other staff positions are available. Please feel free to contact me in-game or through a discord message. I will respond as soon as I can, sense I am not online 24/7, discord will be the best way to message me. I look forward to hearing from you.

-IGN Strifeful
-Discord - Trolled#1880

15-Aug-2019 07:58:28

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We are Pure Gains.

We are a newly formed clan looking for our higher tier structure for instance event coordinators or admin.

We have a fully set up discord that is active daily in voice and in chat. There is a 1500+ total level requirement as we want people who need help but are fairly knowledgeable of game mechanics. We will accept people under 18 only if they can show they are mature. We mainly want a small mature clan that likes to skill and have fun with each other.

Link for discord is below.

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Saint Marie
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Saint Marie

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The Family Jewels

is currently seeking Asian, European, and Australian event staff to cover time zones.

We're growing quickly, and need more hands on deck for the events we plan as we want to include everyone. The trouble is, most of our staff is located in the west (one of us is in Scotland). If you live in any of these areas, are online often, experienced in running events in clans, and are a respectful and decent person capable of a leadership type role please give me a PM in-game to be considered. For weekly recurring events we've currently got a Netflix & Skill happening on Fridays, gilded altar training on Sunday, and Demon Flash Mobs on Monday. We also have 12 other events which you can pick from to host for the clan.

For more info on us, please check out our thread at
QFC 290-291-64-66112107
Shining bright like a forehead
in The Family Jewels

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Final Stanza
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Final Stanza

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Looking for Ranking Manager. (to help keep ranks up to date)
Looking for Recruiting Manager, (we all recruit, but someone specifically would be great)
Looking for Forum Bumpers.
Looking for Minigame Event Managers.

Clan Information
¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ―¨˜”°†°”˜¨― ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨

Clan Chat Name: DemonSlayers
Clan Home World: 12
Clan Timezone: World wide
Clan Member Count: 100+
Clan Citadel Level: 7 (no cotadel work required)

¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ―¨˜”°†°”˜¨― ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨

• Clan Discord Server:

• Following ALL Jagex Rules though we do allow swearing.
• Play how you want to play.
• Keep drama outside of the clan.
• Capping is NOT required.


Please message me through Discord or in game.

Final Stanza
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Owner of

12-Sep-2019 22:18:15

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City of Shadows

We are brand new and do some have admin structure but we are looking for some more help to truly make this clan succeed.

We are all doing what we can to recruit and are starting out as a social skilling community clan but would also like to add bossing and events to that.
We are looking for someone that can also help us recruit but would be willing to chip in on events and a possible person that is good at higher level PvM like Elite Dungeons and such that would be willing to teach people. Basically just an all-around person interested in helping the rest of us grow this clan and chip in where needed, obviously a rank would be given for you joining.

If interested PM me in-game, if I am not on (prob at work) then discord is best (Saphira3883#9497) just leave me a message and I'll reply when I see it. You may also talk to my clan deputy SfBrave in my absence as I did tell him I'd be looking for others to help us.

18-Sep-2019 15:58:46

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