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Welcome to NewOsrsOrder Forum
To tell you about the clan , I played from 01-09 and was in a top clan and we was a family coming back I wanted to create a clan very similar to that
The clan I hope will keep progressing into a family and a very tight nit comunnity . The idea is to play and grow together and to help each other any way we can rather it is general game advice . Teaching each other how to boss , bettrr methods or even learning something new.
The focus is not to force people to meet crazy gear reqs , exp or try force someone into gaming a way they don't want too.
This is a clan for everyone rather you are a pvmer , pker , skiller. We have a spot for you each type of account and person has an insight and differnt view of things that can help the clan it self.
Clan Rules
1.No racism,sexist or degrading remarks or comments. No one deserves to be put down
2. No begging,scamming or clan hopping. We want loyal players who want to help the clan grow and succeed

Clan Reqs
Level 70 combat or 500 total level. Or 75 qp

We host weekly competions and clan events
We are on discord and have a clan twitter account

How to join ?
Join our discord . submit an application in the application tab
And join the ig clan chat by typing in NewOsrsOrder

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