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You were asked several times last year to stop making these threads.

Mod SteveW said back then that he would look for suitable candidates. There is no way for any of us here to know whether or not he found any, or if any that might have been invited accepted the position. The status of those players' accounts is between them and Jagex.

It is very possible that P Mods have been recruited from your location. Just because you have not noticed them in-game, does not mean that none were invited. They might play at a different time of day or on a different world.

The best way for you to combat scammers is by reporting them in-game:
How to report a player

As was explained on your previous threads, there is no way to apply for or recommend someone for the P Mod role. Therefore, despite your requesting nicely that it not be locked, this thread is being locked. The lock will not prevent a J Mod from posting on the thread, should that be something they wish to do. Please do not repost this topic.

For more information on Player Moderators, see:
Player Moderators
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13-Oct-2019 22:46:59

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