Monkey Madness 2 Glitch

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I have placed all 6 charges on the platform but the platform will not blow up. I have checked each spot multiple times and it says "You have strapped explosives onto the support." I have tried exiting the platform using the ladder at the start but it does nothing but return me to the beach. My quest log is telling me I still need to blow up the airship. I don't know if it's possible but I would love for this quest to be reset or fixed because it's stopping me from doing other quests that I want to do. I have images of all six locations and the message in my guest book but I'm not sure how to upload that to this message. PLEASE HELP ME!

02-Aug-2019 22:30:34

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Hi there, Iíve had the exact same problem!
Iíve spent hours on this. Iíve now gone round them all atleast 2 times and have also got screenshots of each one! How did you resolve this?

Iíd really appreciate it.


09-Oct-2019 20:26:38

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Thread moved to the Old School RuneScape General Forum, for better results. (The RuneScape Guides and Help Forum is for assistance with RS3, and there is no Monkey Madness Quest 2 in RS3)

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