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Viking Age
Nov Member 2019

Viking Age

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I have a problem recieving emails from jagex.
I tried changing my email but it doesnt send me the email. Then i tried the password one, that email i got. I saw other people having the same trouble but when trying to recover the account it always gets denied. Tried 5 recovery tests.

So my question is , why am i not recieving the link to change my email from jagex?

20-Sep-2019 15:14:28

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Hey, Viking Age.

Try working through the suggestions on this guide: Not receiving emails.

If that doesn't work out for you, then you must send in an account recovery request so that the old email can be removed and a new one can be set. To do that, you can go to Changing your registered email and scroll down to "
Recover Account
". This will allow you to recover the account so that the email can be erased and replaced by a new one.

20-Sep-2019 15:25:14

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20-Sep-2019 17:28:45

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