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My account was banned by Supposed bot
I made a claim to get it back and they do not want to return it to me. Please help me.
It's my first account and I've never used bot.

My character's name is


Heelp pleasee
help please, my acc is blocking

02-Jul-2019 16:27:22

Skod River
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Skod River

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Hey AngiBaby.

Well if you have used your appeal from this article :

And it got denied , then are there nothing more you or we can do about it.

They will only unban it if they can see clear evidence that it was not in your control at that time the offence got applied to your account.

Sorry about the bad news i came with and sorry about your lose.
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18-Sep-2019 16:25:29

fmod Gold Premier Club Member


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@ DatKingSimon - Your post on this and several other threads have been removed.

Yes, you are upset. However, this forum is for getting help and assistance with account issues from the Community Helpers and other players. Posts that are not asking for assistance do not belong here, and neither do posts that are full of abusive language. Hijacking and spamming the threads of other players is not going to help you resolve your issue.

If you wish to ask for assistance, please create your own thread, that describes the issue in a civil manner. If you just want to blow off steam, there is the Rants Forum, but even that forum has rules about abusive language and what you may post about.

Forum issues? ---> See Forum Help
Account issues? ---> See Account Help

18-Sep-2019 17:05:01

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