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Hi guys would like to announce our CC, I've created this chat from today. It is both welcome for RS3 and 07 players of the Runescape community.

This CC/FC is designed to be helpful for the community by providing our services by directing players or recommending them to a CC/FC to meet their needs.

For example if a player asked that they are looking for a fc to find evil trees we would refer them to Evil Tree Fc.

Or another example is 'I'm a RS3 player i'm looking for a altar' I would direct them to Altar cc.

You get my point so. I was posting this as a thread to show you a directory list of which I have.

If there is anyone that wants us to direct people to their CC/FC then just post below their CC/FC, and give me details about the chat, and I'll create a updated list, i'm also going to post a current list that I have at the moment, right now I'm talking to the CC/FC Owners or ranks and letting them know about our services.

Please do take into consideration that the clan channel is new from today, so it's going to take some time for this to become full active.

Note forget to mention that you can type in Ctrl + F, or Command + F (for Apple users) and type in the CC/FC to quickly find which one on this thread. I'm individually going through every CC/FC to check if they are inactive and removing them off of the list (which is taking a longer than I thought).

Also please fill out the template below

You are all welcome to come and join but please no spamming, any offensive comments or racist remarks are not welcome.

Kind Regards

Chat Find

Owner of Chat Find

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Here is the directory list for RS3:

2FlingFish - fish flingers W89 only (check rules before joining via forums)
Casual dung - dungeoneering floors
Collections - trading collections of items
Evil Tree fc - finding evil trees
Fast Effigy - Effigy assist
Fast Sc - Stealing creation. Non Combatant use of SC
Fogboosters - Fist of Guthix boosting
Free Leech - Free leeching of Dungeoneering. Read the forum to know about rules.
Keyers - Pay for Dungeoneering leeching.
Leech BA - leech of Barbarian Assault
LSKK247 - Kalphite King Team.
Mod Mark - to get some help from Pmods
Nemiforest - Finding worlds with all 9 Nemi forest nodes
Portables - for the location of portable.
R Quark - trading rares
Reddit - For reddit
Star Find - for looking for shooting star Only Played on W89 (p2p and for RS3 only)
Tree Hunt - for help finding crystal trees
World60pengs - Penguin hide and seek

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07 Exchange- A Clan Chat to Buy/Sell your items
07 Outreach - A community eventing clan with 24/7 chat, and a b base
2007ad - Friendly, help, trades, events, pvm, easy going, no pressure, all fun
2007 NATION - for pmod/player interaction
2007 PvM - we are the biggest and best PvM clan in 2007 we have around 50 active members
2007 Reddit - International Community Based clan, PvM , PvP , Skilling , events Reddit community /r/2007scape. Social chat; Events, advice, trading
2007chat - General OSRS clan chat. Talk/chill/get price checks/trade and occasional drop parties and clan events.
Aftermathcln - Warring/Community based clan with many events to offer
Arthrima - Mining skill chat , Respect, Mature, Community chat, Advice chat
Au 2007 - Australian members based clan with many events, including PKing, Skilling, and Chat
Aus devine - Social Chat, Trading, general help and Event Hosting
Axe Man Jack - Slayer skill chat, PVM, Barrows, team KQ, and more
Biue Bloods - Victory and Valor we Pursue | Hail to Glory! Our Blood is Blue
Bl0ndy - The Titans, 1st jagex cup winners: Player kiling, warring, community clan.
Bubba_8-D - Clan | Community | Fun | Events | Quests | Social | PvP
Catherby - QFC 90-91-635-62612277, Fish Market/Exchange
Cavehorror - Hang out for friends, helping clan mates with quests, clan skilling
Chain Is Law - PURE events/discussion
Chat Barrows - Provides: Means for players doing barrows to either meet up on the same world and socially do barrows, talk about barrows, tips, drops etc. Friendly atmosphere if you want to come and chat.
Chill Mates - Social Community Chat (OSRS and EOC)
CHILLAX - We are a skilling/chat based runecrafting clan chat. We welcome all to come check us out.
CK Lounge - Chilling/Pking/Fun/Hanging out :Corrupted Knights Clan
Clegion - Chivalry Legions F2P Pking and fun!
Collision - Community events, castle wars, pest control, kbd

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Corbud - general talk/trading/skilling for any levels, any world, at any time.
CWCommunity - Castle Wars Community Clan Chat
Dbz Sauce - Just a clan where we all go multi pking. You have to be 56-65 to join this clan chat or else you will probably be too low or too high to really have fun. If you have the word sauce somewhere in your name you will be ranked.
De X - Skilling/chilling clan for people with 99 cooking (all are welcome to join the chat) -
DefCommune - We are a clan based on the art of the Defence Pure
Deusmortem07 - We are a friendly, social clan, with no requirements!!
Dks Empire - Fc to find Door Partners for Dagannoth Kings, and to find buddies to Dks with
Dorito Tacos - Hosting auctions for items
Dutchg - A community based Clan. A clan for the Benelux, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg.
EoP FC - pure clan dedicated to having fun and dominating other clans
Enrapting - Community based clan "Absolution" with event's/soical chat/friendly members who are always willing to help/social vent server
eor yt nik - minigames, friendly chats, buy/sell/trade/price check and clan events
EpicCripple - Community based clan does quests, skilling, PvP, PvM, livestream, and Video Making
Exi Lobby - Community, Events, Skilling and Social Chat
F2P Wild - Free To Play Pking Cc, we have about consistently 20+ people all Free To Play pkers
Genesis 07 - Pking, PvMing and many fun community based events!
Gengar310 - Community and future clan warring
Gladz Chat - Events, including PKing, Skilling, Minigame, PvM, and Other
Green098 - Social chat and always willing to help
His Lordship - Leader of the Wilderness Guardians: Fighting with honour since 2003
Holy Invoker - Community based clan with many events, including PKing, Skilling, Questing
Ice Crush - Quest Help/Advice/Social Clan
Iemz - Pest Control [ 24 / 7 ]
Insomnia - Low level pure pking
Interiority - Social, community based clan. Skilling/PvM/PvP

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Iron Faery - Kirstunael clan and friends, 07 and Eoc mixed chat.
I Run BV - Official Pure pk clan, huge wars f2p and p2p Worlds. 60+ cb / 1-20def / 55+ can join must train up hard nbsp;
Is Clanchat - InfiniteSoul Dutch Community Clan
Jacoobe - Social clan chat
Jaja Legacy - Community/Pking/Warring
jcrazy77 - A warring/events/social clan open to all 60+ players. Very friendly and fun, stop by!
John Cena - A chat cc founded by the current world wrestling entertainment champion himself
Kira - A social clan/questing/skilling, etc.
Krunal930 - PKing and Warring in P2P and F2P, PvM, etc. We'll do anything if enough people want to do it. We're a tight knit community, but easy to fit in.
Level 5 All - 07 Barbarian Assault Clan, Requirement to Join: Level 5 all BA Roles.
L O D J - Social, community, skilling and help chat
L2anqer A Pure clan dedicated to Range/Mage tanks who utilize Defence, Range, and Magic to outmanoeuvre, outlast, and out-do any other viable Pures.
L2K CC - Warring/Community based clan
Lunatip - Lunagang Dutch Community Clan
Maturecc - Mature Social clan chat
Metal Sun 1 - Official cc of Clan Metal Sun - Social, OSRS Community, Tips, Help
Milkshakes - Social, All skills, All levels, 24/7, Help/Support
Mine Ore - OSRS Advice, Help, and Group Questing
Mod Mat K - Social clan chat
MRC Chat - Mature Social clan, Events, Skilling, PvM and PvP
NewEraGaming - We are a new pvm clan with currently 8 members and gaining new ones. Our goal is to have a good amount of people so that whenever you feel down for pvming you always have someone to do it with. We are 95+cmb and not that bad.
Mr Cr0w - Rare hunting and OSRS Community
MrMordaut - CC just for clue scrolls.
Nemesis PvM - A Player vs. Monster clan where people can get together to fight bosses such as the KBD, Kalphite Queen, and Dagannoth Kings
Oddworld - Social clan chat
Old School Relics - Fighting/event based clan.

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OSC Chat - Old School Central - Social chat, anyone is welcome to join
OSR Unite - Helpful, respectful, honorable community
OSRS Chat - A community based Clan Chat to make your RuneScape adventure even more interesting
OSRS Trade - Buy/Sell/Trade chat, no GP transfers between games.
OSRS Slayer - Slayer skill chat
OSRS Quest - Old School Quest Help Only, no requirements. All are welcome
Panzerdrag - primal slayer clan recruiting members at the moment
Pescao6 - Leader of El Imperio Latino, a Legendary Hispanic Community Clan founded on January 7, 2006 focused on Gathering, Skilling, Boss Hunting, Warring, PKing, Help, Support and More.
ProfessorZee - Community-based Skilling, Social Chat, and Event Hosting
Quest kits - Here people are able to buy premade Quest kits that include all items that are required in order to complete them for fixed prices.
R unes - Pest Control - Combat 50+
Rare Hunters - Rare Finding based clan, ask each other for locations and sell or buy your rares.
Randalicious - Hexis, an Efficiency based skill clan. First & #1 skill clan of 07
Release Void - 24/7 Pest Control Clan
rf scout - door partner for waterbirth island
Rich Brother - The Brotherhood. Clan for chatting, social interaction and PKing.
Riley Mason - Pking/Skilling clan
Rs Synergy - Skill, Battle, n Chatter. As the group attendance builds will also be calling 07 events.
rs07 cc - IF O R C E S: We are an official pure pk clan looking for members, 60+ cb required, we do alot events, wilderness, pure house fights and huge wars, we do this in p2p and f2p servers. with a clan community from all over the world.
RSD SLUMPING - EOS pking/warring community
Rubon - For anyone of any combat level who is more into non-combat skills than combat
Sandi Butt - Trouble Brewing
Sarin - Friendly, fun and non-strict Community, Pking, Social, PvM, Skilling, all in one clan.
SB CC - Warring/Community based clan with many events, including PKing, Skilling, and PvM

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Sis Creation - Sacred Item Seekers - All things PvM Slayer included!
Skillrex - Casual clan chat
Skiwhistler - Mature, social, events, skilling, and PVM
Slay Legends - An open PvM/slayer FC with no requirements.
Society Chat - Society of Misthalin chat and social chat
SP-CC - P2P level 68-73 low level pking
Springs - Fally Park (Must have lvl 50 in a skill to join clan)
Tafeltennis - Community based clan, for Dutch and Belgium players only.
tbecc - The British Elites.
Tbrew - Trouble brewing Clan Chat
TDM Chat - Official friends chat of: The Death Monkeighs - A Runescape clan since 2004
The Halls of Light - Social, Community, Events, Mature
Theclan CC - Community, Warring, Pking, and Fun
TheStorm - pkers 95+ join up
Thow CC - The Holy Order of Wisdom. Saradominst clan first founded in 2005
thugnastiee - one of the most gangsta pking, pvm, barrow, skiller, slayer clan!
Tika191 - PKing / Community
TKOV - The Knights of Valor - we are an event-driven, PvM, and social clan.
Torrcs - A clan chat for all your oldschool roleplaying and socializing!
t rexpwnzer - 1 iteming pking clan, get a spec weapon come to world 302. team cape -16. portal hopping starts at level 13.
True 2k8 -PK, PVM, Community Clan
Tune Scape - 260+ members Fun Community PvM and PvP clan. 60+ pures/ 80 + Mains to join
uplaytoomuch - Skilling and Social chat
Valhalla OSRS - Half PKers Half Mains, skillers and slayers!
W22 Fish - Social skilling, particularly fishing
World 321 - Social clan chat
World58chat - We're a laid back social clan that's dedicated to creating a community that accepts all. No requirements, just come in and abide by the guidelines that's provided in our clan chat's thread!
X------2007 - item exchange and social CC
Xmorph - Community based social chat
ZerkedUp - Zerker pking clan for 70+
zSkillers - Community based skilling clan, for all 10hp skillers

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