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Clans Discord Server

'Clans' discord is a newly formed discord to help all the exsisting clans. We provide clan sections for both RS3 and OSRS From big clans to small clans. We have a council of staff and many large clan owners to help you out with tips and tricks on events and general information sharing. We want to bring the community together and get everyone to join in sharing information. Its open to all people and we would like to invite you to come check it out and share information with everyone else.

What we help players with?
- Finding a clan
- Event Ideas
- Social Hub to grow

What we help Clan Owners with?
- Recruiting
- Event ideas
- Management tips
- Citadel Management tips
- Shared Ban list for Clan owners


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Clans Discord Servers

17-Apr-2019 20:51:17

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