Can I take my Clan?

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Due to most of my clan members (including clan leader) have had quit playing. At least they didnt online ever again since years ago. I am wondering whether I am able to take the control of my clan to prolong my long history Clan???

13-Apr-2019 19:34:51

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Hi there.

If you are still in the clan and are ranked deputy owner (silver key) then you can use this thread here to gain ownership of the clan (follow the format in the first post).

If you aren't deputy owner there is still a way to make the clans name live on. You would need to be the owner of a new/different clan with 15 or more people and you can post on this thread here to get the name of that clan changed, so that the clans name lives on.

If I haven't answered your questions, or if you have anymore, don't hesitate to ask.
Good Luck!
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14-Apr-2019 04:00:03

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Hi Royex,

I looked up your clan and can see that nearly all of the members have been inactive for a very long time. Since the highest ranked member is a Corporal, who is also inactive, you might have a chance to claim ownership of the clan.

As J4ron said, just fill out the template in the Inactive Clan Leaders thread and wait for a response. Keep in mind that these types of request may take awhile to process.
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14-Apr-2019 14:18:55

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