Clan job display bugged

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The new mouseover displaying clan jobs is bugged to hell and back.

A member who has no title is shown in mouseover as 'Empress'; another has the title of 'Avatar Warden' even though her title is set as 'Druid'. A third asked for her old title of 'Avatar Warden' to be removed, but it remained visible until suddenly changing to 'Auditor' for no apparent reason.

Not good enough.

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07-May-2019 11:22:58

Dreaming pxl
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This is pretty bad, I submitted a bug report.

I am an extremely active clan leader and my actual job is scapegoat, but you know what shows hovering over my name? Inactive clanmate. That can actually be damaging, as the clan leader to have that next to my name.

I have noticed that whenever someone logs in and people move down the list, the job stays on whoever is in that spot in clan list.

07-May-2019 11:52:51

Mod Shauny

Mod Shauny

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My fault for missing a refresh :(

I'll get it sorted but as its clientside it'll require a fix for next game update.

I do apologise, but the job titles that display correctly in Clan Settings work correctly.

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07-May-2019 11:53:11

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The titles seemed to be locked in place of the order people were in the chat when it first was having issues. So as people would leave new people joining the game would be assigned the titles of whomever was there originally when it happened. I was originally the (empress with none set), Last night I was Scapegoat as our scapegoat person had logged in but someone left the chat shifting him up to auditor, Even later in the evening there were only 2 in chat. The other person had Archaeox's (founder title) while I had the avatar warden from the person who held it early on in the day. ~Tranq~
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08-May-2019 11:52:29

Thunder Jinx
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Thunder Jinx

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My job title in my clan settings is expert, but nobody has ever been assigned that job title in the online list while I've been online. So I think there is a set order, it's not in alphabetical order, I've checked that already and it doesn't match up so maybe something else.

Anyway I trust Shauny can figure it out if he hasn't already.
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08-May-2019 13:47:38

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