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There is a hard cap of 25 clues and caskets that can be held at once. With the clue scroll carrier you can hold unlimited clues and caskets. If we add clues to our clue bag, Will that hard cap be ignored and allow us to gain unlimited clues? The brightest ideas are the most undervalued.

14-May-2019 15:16:24

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Thunder Jinx said:
Hard cap is 100 clue scrolls supposedly, I've only been up to 70 myself so can't really confirm.

1k actually, I've seen people hoard hundreds of meds by camping hellhounds and downgrading them.
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22-May-2019 16:24:45

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Slayer Style said:
then the examine for the charrier is false, should have the cap removed when it is being worn.
id loooove to gather 1k ahrd/elites to do a gauntlet

How's it false?

It can hold every single type of clue and casket. And it can hold beyond the soft cap if you manually bypass it.

That's pretty inline with the examine.

28-May-2019 08:23:35

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The item does not bypass the softcap and that is a good thing but the item sure is useless.

They should make it like a charming imp and auto pick up clues for you.
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28-May-2019 12:13:28

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