Tier 99 Tanking prayer

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Stella Gazer
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Stella Gazer

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The preasul codex is missing a tanking prayer.

My suggestion would be to add an extra Tier 99 Tank prayer to the codex...

Here are the effects this prayer will do:

+20 Defence
+20% more Total lifepoints. (Stacking with bonfires and o'glog bath)
+5% damage reduction
+20% accuracy to Debilitate and Bash
Base regeneration is increased by 5 times. (The effect of rapid renewal).
Gives a +5% Percent chance on reducing a hit to 1. (This effect works on typeless damage).
Passive regeneration works in combat

For over half a billion gp spend on a prayer, This should be a huge upgrade from fortitude!

Also, don't quite me that players don't use fortitude, because allot of high level pvmers that own all tier 99 prayers use that tanking prayer alswel!!!!

This should not be to difficult to add/program into the live game.

Jagex is planning on adding more difficult bosses than solak and telos into the game, it would not be that suprising to have this prayer unlocked at the cost of half a billion gp!

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why not, this won't break the game at all.
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