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The question is not answerable. You are asking for a piece of M16-Classified information.

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If there are times of the day when Forum Help reports do not get actioned quickly, then that means that there aren't any Forum Moderators present on the thread.

But this does not mean all the Forum Mods are asleep. There might be Forum Mods online elsewhere in the forums.
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Yes. Sometimes they even pretend to not be around by not moderating to give us the illusion that there are dead times.

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There are times when the F-Mods have to sleep. Jagex have tried to cover all bases with F-Mods and from what I can see very few times were no F-Mods are here. It's usually covered well 99% of the time.

Also FH reports are often left for a F-Mod who knows more about it them others. They are all dealt with though. :P
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