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Emo Shun All

Emo Shun All

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Can someone help me why does my f2p attack styles always change , it literally is always ruining my accounts, I leave it on strength xp with my rune scimitar and the next time I log in too f2p pk it changes to attack and ruins my accounts. I thought you all at jagex had fixed this glitch, but this is the second time in the last few months this has happened. This time it ruined this account from 40 to 41 attack, and last time it happened on my account weezy hobo i went from 50 too 51 attack , so had to bite the bullet and get 60. Also jagex if this is still a problem where you cannot fix the glitches can you just go back to the old settings.

Thanks from a guy that plays alot of f2p.
ALSO THIS IS FOR OSRS, sorry maybe i posted in wrong area =/

25-Aug-2019 15:31:30 - Last edited on 25-Aug-2019 16:09:58 by Emo Shun All

USafe I Pray

USafe I Pray

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i have the same issue i pk on alot of accounts and i had all of them set up for str xp, since the original problematic update i have had 3 accounts ruined, because of something that jagex changed without making very clear.

i have played runescape for almost 20 years now never had this issue before that update.

i still have to worry about accounts i have not decided to login on this year having wrong attack styles active because of jagex changing my settings.

hopefully i can remember to change them next time but i would appreciate you looking into the account i already ruined

25-Aug-2019 15:50:12

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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Who even pk's anymore in RS3? The Winner of September 2019's MUPAQ™ Award is
! Congratulations!
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25-Aug-2019 15:53:14



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Who even pk's anymore in RS3?

those that camp the bots at volcano lol i used to see lots there , they pop up pk the bots and on occasion when there's more then one pker they target each other then run away like little girls as they don't like people who actually fight back lol

25-Aug-2019 16:10:59

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