Bring Soul Wars to Old School!

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I love having all the mini games in OSRS. I love Clan wars and Castle Wars. However I think we could bring Soul wars to OSRS and just spice some things up! The rewards could be the standard x amount of tickets= str xp like pest control but you could also have some new decorative armor like maybe mage or range armor like castle wars have! I think you should also bring the two bosses as pets in the game where if you win you have a 1/5000 chance to get one of the bosses as a pet. You can keep the soundtrack for it the same that's in RS3! Hello there! I'm literally that Scrub ;)+

06-Apr-2019 01:59:37

Apr Member 2019


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Agreed, please bring back soul wars, I just started playing again and made an account a few months back that I have just started grinding on again and realized there is still no soul wars or even stealing creation! Were great games, I love castle wars, but the pure mayhem in soul wars was amazing.

06-May-2019 22:31:52

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Soul wars was great. Sadly no minigames are ever going to be introduced, and they have been really loud about that.

sq nite said:
Soul wars has nothing to do with oldschool, it is 2009 content.

Raids or most of the content isnt really oldschool, but this game was far from perfect at 2007. This argument is irrelevant.
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03-Jul-2019 20:02:41

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What Jagex fails to realize is, people who play OSRS were not opposed to any updates they were doing to further the game and add content. We were just completely opposed to the combat system overhaul from a game we loved to point, click, fight, & afk to having to actively engage more with any combat scenerio.

People loved soulwars and was always packed before EoC.

Where i'm going at with this is, people aren't so hell bent on the game being the old school runescape without any real content updates to keep them engaged with new material. Soul wars had several clans who were formed to fight other clans specifically in soul wars.

The best part about it, was it combined the fun of castle wars with the benefits of Pest control. I, for one, could not stop doing soul wars because I love Safe-PVP and the fact it gave me rewards like pest control meant I was basically married to that fun.

28-Sep-2019 16:31:45

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