H.A.M Questline Conclusion

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I know what you're going to say - there's no way Jagex can just finish and put out Land of the Goblins! It's pretty much a RS3 quest and shouldn't be in OSRS!

I'd say fair enough, but the fact that the questline remains an open book after completing Another Slice of H.A.M ... As a kid I played RS and was a "Forever Noob", the quests I did were inconsistent and often half-finished, and I've recently come back to OSRS to quest to completion! After finishing the aforementioned quest I was pretty heartbroken that Zanik would never fulfill her destiny in the world of OSRS..

I would really love to see some kind of conclusion, whether it be LotG or an altered quest, or ANYTHING! The Goblins need their Commander!

07-Aug-2019 04:57:12

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