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Me, a few family members and friends, plus my gf came back to osrs after playing when it first came out/back in the day before rs3 and everything. So some of us have pretty old accounts, and my gf actually recently hit her 10 years. I was trying to get her the veteran cames, but they aren't out, and she never played rs3 so she never got to claim them. None of them have gear or can afford obby capes so I think it would be pretty cool if we could have veteran capes to use and encourage us to relive the game like we once did. I know it will suck for some players who won't be able to enjoy them from starting new accounts, but osrs hit its 5 year anniversary so a lot of people will be able to reclaim their 5 year cape. Please help get this out there if anyone agrees please! All aboard the Gain Train.

08-Dec-2018 04:44:15

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I don't play OSRS much anymore but this is a solid idea. Would be a easy update too for the Jmods. Don't see too many legacy updates like that, that really show progression through OSRS. Another cool little update they could do is add a cape to RS3 that shows activity on both OSRS and RS3 if its the same main account.

08-Dec-2018 07:34:20

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Sounds like a great idea, to be honest. I've been playing for about 12 years and i can remember counting down the days waiting for these capes to be unlocked. It was always something a little extra added in to make a little goal.

08-Dec-2018 14:07:37

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