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Does anyone else find it odd there is no orange graceful set yet we have 2 sets of blue? Every color except orange exists. Don't argue pyro's a thing, because so is full dragon and red graceful exists. Please add orange to the game. Thanks!

17-Sep-2019 02:43:09

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If you look at the colors of light rather than the traditional painting pigment mixing, you'll notice that the two blues are actually pretty different, the lighter blue being closer to cyan (or, well, it's more sky or azure with some cyan highlights on it). Cyan is a secondary color, and orange is actually a tertiary color.

The primary colors would be: Red, Green, Blue.
The secondary colors would be: Yellow, Cyan, Magenta.

I often use the libtcod library for giving names to colors.

Anyway, the reason I bring all this up is while especially in the English-speaking world, we don't make much of a distinction between blue and cyan (and perhaps you've ever even heard of cyan) it's actually a much more distinct color from blue than orange is from red or yellow.

Now, mind you, I don't have any inherent problem with orange graceful - I'm really neutral on it. I just get bothered somewhat that orange is considered its own special color but other, more distinct colors are not.

17-Sep-2019 10:51:00

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Removed another post above that did not comply with CM Nick's request above.

If you have issues with other peoples FC and CC then can I suggest you stop using them as they seem to be upsetting you too much.
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I love giant squid jokes. They're always kraken me up! :P

24-Sep-2019 11:16:41

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