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Put a world in where there is no F Keys available. Let people slowly go into this world and pk and I 100% bet it will be the most active pvp world you will see.

We don't need gmaul nerfs, we need to be able to not 1tick to the gmaul and everything else.

will all be back on the same level and new players don't have to struggle as much to learn pking. Bringing back this style of pking will be amazing for community and all you have to do is put 1 world in for it and let the rest speak for itself.

I wish I could explain properly the amount of benefits this will have but I hope you give it a shot and you will thank me later. years I have been saying this.

When taco limey was king of pking back in the day I said watch when we all learn those hotkeys the game will be messed up and I slowly got to watch it all come true.

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Beyond support this. No hotkeys/fkeys would bring it back to a very good pace again. Hybrid fights wouldn't just be outlast fights, you wouldn't camp full hp all the time either.

Simply because of the fact both players fighting wouldn't be able to do so many things at once.

manually clicking everything leaves so much room for all of us to make errors, and it would be amazing just to have that switch up where it would take a long time to re learn the muscle memory of manually clicking your prayer book and spell book etc.

and yeah why would you even need a gmaul nerf at that point because you cant just 1 tick msb-ags stack anymore. wow it would be a great option

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Yes to this, Yes yes yes yes. almost everything that becomes a problem or is annoying in pvp could honestly be stopped if there wasn't the f keys. besides scripts and raggers but that's a whole other issue, anyways i support this to the fullest

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That'd be pretty cool.

I'd love if it were possible to unequip everything added GWD+ also and make it unusable in the world. Then there'd really be no OP weapons or armour like bulwark, AGS, claws, etc.

It would really help to level the playing field for those attempting PvP for the first time, to something similar to where everyone else started.
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