TzHaar Fight Pits Rework

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The Old Bomb

The Old Bomb

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The TzHaar Tight Pits, at one point, was one of Runescape's most popular minigames! It is a last-man-standing type game in a multi zone, where everyone can fight everyone. After a certain length of time, NPCs are released to wreck havoc on the remaining players. It was certainly a blast! Sadly, now it is only played as an Achievement Diary requirement. It has also since been replaced by LMS, which is essentially the same minigame. I think with a few changes, the Fight Pits can rise from the ashes! Here are my proposed changes:

The Game: Make the TzHaar Fight Pits a PvM minigame, instead of PvP. Barbarian Assault and Pest Control are currently the only two group PvM minigames. Fight Pits already has a PvM aspect to it, anyway. The rework could include a wave by wave mechanic, like the fight caves, but with a team. There could be teams of 1-8 players to start the game. The waves would be endless, increasing in difficulty. Each kill in the pits would grant the player with a reward that could be spent on upgrades, food, and supplies within the minigame from a chest. The chest could contain runes, lava eels, and certain boosts, much like Nightmare Zone powerups work. Each completed wave would give the players a reward point, and the reward points could be spent outside of the game.

The Rewards: Tokkul (making this a fun way for ironmen to acquire it), Fire Cape and Inferno Cape ornament kits, Obsidian ranged and mage armor, cosmetic Tzhaar clothing, and combat xp rewards.

If you have any other changes or suggestions, please comment below!

16-Aug-2019 00:25:50

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Support, this mini-game does need brought back to life. As a young kid when I was brand new to rs, I use to think this mini-game was much like the Fight Cave and eventually would have a Jad or spawn or many.

16-Aug-2019 05:55:55

Man Bag
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I'm in support of this. I miss having a reason to pop into the fight pits! Or even have it as a team point system. Where if they earn over a certain amount of points grants them tokkul where they can spend it in the caves for gear. As an Ironman/UIM, they would certainly benefit from this! Always happy to help where I can and design new content ideas for you!
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19-Aug-2019 03:18:39

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