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drunken dev
Jul Member 2018

drunken dev

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Ya'll should add barrows pets to bring more players other than ironmen and players starting to rebuild to the somewhat dead content. Make the pets a chance only after you complete the set. Myself and many others I have asked would love a lil dharok or guthans pet following us!

12-Aug-2019 20:30:42



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Draco Burnz said:
drunken dev said:

LOL OP agreeing with his own idea :P

My stance is undecided atm.

Why would you be against it? Also, thoughts on Rise of the Six OSRS style? I do think Barrows needs a bit of a rejuvenation.
voting no to any new polled skill :)

14-Aug-2019 01:19:14

Jan Member 2019


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Jeremy Cheng said:
Support if they look like shrunken barrows bros.

Just the opposite here. Absolutely no support for tiny brothers pets.

I wouldn't mind, say, enchanted weapons or something. For example, Dharok's pet could be a possessed greataxe.

Otherwise, absolutely not.

25-Sep-2019 17:51:54

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