Gauntlet cape

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Poll the possibility to imbue gauntlet cape to give it the same stats as fire cape.

Cost: 1 x fire cape and some additional like gp or items that you want to sink from the game.

02-Aug-2019 19:28:47

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No support, would devalue the Inferno as it's currently the only thing in the game to require a fire cape sacrifice. Quit bitching about the problems you created by spite voting.

02-Aug-2019 21:39:04

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I like the cape, grinded whole week to complete corrupted.
I want to use for fashionscape in f2p pk, till i died and it was gone:s
Is there Any reason it always lost on dead? Couse there is no use for the cape just fashionscape. Even mythcape dienst disapear

06-Aug-2019 23:06:47 - Last edited on 07-Aug-2019 18:31:47 by NL INSTAKILL

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Corrupted Gauntlet is harder to finish than the Fight Caves. Why exactly should it require a Fire Cape sacrifice when it's already the more difficult task?

Personally I'd like to see the cape be given stats, but not the same stats as a Fire Cape.

Here are some possibilities:

1) +6 slash attack bonus - this would make it best in slot for slash attack. Right now the Mythical Cape gives +6 crush, the Ardougne Cloak 4 gives +6 stab, but there is no corresponding +6 slash cape. If doing this, it should have some other moderate but not noteworthy stats.

2) Give it high defensive stats. This would make it have a niche use as the most defensive cape. In this case it should have some minor, but not particularly noteworthy attack / strength bonuses.

3) Give it moderate attack stats across all styles. This would make it a passable tribrid cape, while being outperformed for each individual style by the Fire / Infernal Cape for Melee, Ava's Assembler for Ranged, and Imbued God Capes for Magic.

4) Give it a high prayer bonus, similar to the old Soul Wars Cape.

I think any of these options would be pretty balanced. In any of these cases the cape would rarely see use, but it would have some cases where it would be useful, which I think is sufficient. Personally I don't like option (4) as much. I think I'd like option (2) the most.

07-Aug-2019 02:33:48

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