Torag's Armour Buff?

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Ang Shana

Ang Shana

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I'm sure many have noticed that torags armour is the only barrows armour that is never used as a whole set. It has probably been mentioned many times, but it does deserve a buff.

You have Guthans, Veracs and Ahrims being used for many PvM situations, their bonuses as a set provide great usage!

Even for just training in NMZ, Dharoks can be used for amazing exp per hour.
Then in PvP we see very common use of Ahrims as well as Dharroks there for essential magic armour, or attempting to KO someone with a huge 80.

However, you then have torags, which is just seen as cheap tank gear... Use the legs as they are a cheap upgrade to dragon.
The set's effect itself has no benefit in PvM, and very little in PvP due to stamina potions and other weapons being able to have better effects than draining a bit of run energy.

Proposing a few buff ideas...

- Maybe hammers can attack twice, rather than once. (They are dual wielded)
- The energy drain proc could have some affect to monsters like lowering a monsters offensive levels or defensive levels
- Maybe that PvM special could be a mini-stun on smaller monsters
- Allow the hammers to attack slightly faster?

These are just some of my own suggestions. Maybe other people have some too? :)

Thanks for reading my post.

28-May-2019 06:48:16

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You could maybe make it something like it drains run energy and negates the ability to use run recovery of any kind for x time. Then torags + mud pies might have a place in PvP. I don't know if it would be worth it though, haha.

It probably just needs a totally new effect. Some kind of tanking effect, since that seems to be what it is mainly used for anyway.
My Suggestions:
Cross Minigame Reward Shop - waiting since December 26th 2013
Spelunking - non-combat raids

28-May-2019 12:14:28

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You could have used the existing thread about this?
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