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Fenforge said:
If you can't be honest with the community, you may as well be honest with yourselves.

You lot were doomed the moment Andrew Gower left the building.

Dude.. that was nearly 10 YEARS ago.. time to move on... I'm pretty sure Andrew did. =)

Things don't always go our way kiddo.. when we don't like the game.. enough.. we simply find another game to play.. then watch and see if this one ever ends up something we'd consider 'good' or even 'playable' again and if it ever does.. we'd play it again. =)

But stop raggin' on jagex.. they're givin' the "community" exactly what the community asks for and VOTES in. Ahh yes, those wonderful.. kindly offered out of the goodness of their hearts polls..

Enjoy! =)
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25-Apr-2019 19:09:55

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some good updates :D glad the text on the ring is bigger, also that can be used in PVP as will make some great YT videos.

As for warding.. I personally hate it ive made that known but if it was to be added its not life or death. Be shit if I need to do it for BIS items lol but if not I can stay with rc and rc and be the meh skill.

25-Apr-2019 19:37:42



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Miu said:
Was the third age ring's wilderness removal polled?

Yet other transmogrification items are still allowed?

Seems strange not to allow one specifically. If it had a janky hitbox, then fix the hitbox. Don't remove one of its very niche functions.

Not sure if my post played a role but thanks for the prompt fix to this.
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25-Apr-2019 22:56:56



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Hello everybody, Warding seems fine to me. I do not play as much. for an idea that will get shot down immediately because it is "EZ Scape"

Why not have people who are wearing full graceful be given the opportunity to rest whilst wearing it? The rest feature that's in RS3.

01-May-2019 12:01:05

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If you can now craft items that could only be previously obtained from slayer monsters, NMZ ect, are you not devaluing slayer? If you add new drops to replace the ones being devalued that is fine, but just devaluing other skills without correcting it seems like you are taking away more than you are giving. New skills should be giving more content, not taking it away from somewhere else.

I am also wondering why not just have Tailoring instead of warding and be able to enchant the items with magic like you do existing crafted jewelry, bolts ect? If this added new items that were just as competitive as high lvl items it would be good, but I am not seeing that happen, just looks like it it taking away what people earned in other skills already. People earn slayer levels to get those slayer monster specific drops, such as Mystic Robes and people trained crafting to be able to craft items such as Xerician robes . If you are taking away those from skills people already earned, what are you replacing those items with of equal or greater value to give back what you are taking away?

Being able to make mage robes is fine, just wish they were actual new content instead of taking existing content away from other areas. New, competitive robes would be great, something comparable to the usefulness of black d'hide in range. Taking away from other areas and reusing old content and calling it new isn't so great. Then it just feels like people are being made to work harder for what they already had. That is a loss, not a gain.

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I generally don't mind most changes and additions to Runescape. But this is a big -BIG- no.
This doesn't look like any sort of skill that would fit into Runescape.

Armours for magic was always something that has been out of a players grasp. And should stay that way. It was always either "specialist" npcs that crafted the armour for you or it came from dangerous monsters and challanges. Nothing else. The way it should be. The closest Players got to making magic items was enchanting bolts or making glass orbs and enchanting them at their respective obelisk and then putting it onto a staff to make the respective staff.

Imbuing has -Always- came from NMZ. Sure, NMZ might not be that great and if you don't know what you're doing with it it's very slow. But it was always a reward from that minigame to have your rings, crystal gear and such imbued. Again, by a "specialist" in Lunar magic.

New content should -NEVER- take away old content. Killing one piece of content just to make something new is just bad, even when said content might not be the most liked or enjoyable. There is always people who don't like skills, Runecrafting is one you hear people say they dont like a lot of the time.

Continuing with Warding itself, two of the armours stand out heavily imbalanced and should either be removed or changed. Specificly the Kinhunter being the one that sticks out most to me as a PvMer. This set from what calcs have said give +6 max hits on olm. This is actually stupid. Off the top of my head the other difference of that large is Dragon pick from runepick which gives +8 max hits at guardians, the largest DPS upgrade for CoX. And it's an enforced -requirement- of the largest raiding community. This would essentially just add more enforced reqs to Raids 1 because it's silly not to have something easy to obtain that increases your damage by a silly amount. -

06-May-2019 17:44:41

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- The second set of armour being the Bloodbark set, which would from my eyes be a massive problem to PvP. 50% melee damage reduction can slap a lot of kill potential out the window, even though it is only a chance for it. It's still chance. A full mage tank could easily become a thing and could very easily become something silly hard to kill imo. This may not be the case but it's worth putting in.

The other armours from what i've seen are all rather niche in their use and wouldn't be much use off the top of my head, aside from the venom armour. That armour would probably very quickly make Zulrah money snake again and increase the amount of bots and inject more cash via bots into the game. Which still havn't been dealt with.

On top of this, half of the skill is ripped from an RS3 skill, and I personally don't want to see anything like that come into RS. EoC is what killed Runescape and anything in RS3 should stay there.

All things considered the idea of a new skill in Runescape isn't a bad one. But I personally don't see this being it. It's not correct to how the game is and was. You would have an easier time and probably a better responce in trying to add Pre-EoC Dungeoneering as a time dump skill. I myself know a good 30 people that have said they'd quit should Warding come out and I personally don't like the idea of Warding currently. I don't see a realistic way to salvage it at this point and think that it's more a pipe dream that has the potential to ruin Runescape again. I personally would rather Runescape stay how it is now than take a risk of adding something that could destroy it or negatively impact it.

06-May-2019 18:02:33

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