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Great job!
The biggest worry I have is that the Prif diary will vastly increase the difficulty of obtaining the diary cape (which is already difficult to achieve). My alternate idea: make the Prif diary a higher tier of diary, with completion of the Prif diary (and any future higher tier diaries) required for trimming the diary cape. Right now the trimmed diary cape is automatically obtained since itís trimming requirement is also a requirement for the cape. This would allow the trimmed cape to be seen as a higher variant of the regular cape without increasing the difficulty of obtaining the current cape.

The rest of this diary looks awesome, the divine potions will be nice and I donít think they will shift the game too much. Will creating these offer a new herblore training method as well? Or will the creation of these be low xp with a profit?

10-May-2019 20:40:10

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