i cant even load my client aft

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im having this issue aswell and so are a bunch of others using java client. still doesnt work for me yet and its very fustrating yag er'uoy siht gnidaer er'uoy fi dare you to read that

21-Aug-2019 20:45:24

Mr Rey Ray
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Clear Java Client cache on windows

(1) Click Start > Search
(2) Copy these directories into the search bar:

(3) If you found these folders, please delete them - don't worry if you can't find all four, just remove the ones you do have.

(4) Your cache will start downloading again automatically but could decrease performance until it's finished.
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21-Aug-2019 22:00:10

kuro tsubasa
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Pescao6 said:
1. Clear Java Client Cache
2. Press 'S' while gaming is launching to start it on Safe Mode
3. Switch Graphic Settings to OpenGL. (There is currently a known issue with DirectX graphics)

i can only play in safe mode still, the openGL mode won't work for me (even i have cleared all the cache files), it disappears on its own and i had to re-load the client again. it will not switch from safe mode to openGL no matter what. downloading the newer verison of the graphic drivers wont work either, message popped up saying my pc doesnt support that download. im still very frustrated bout the client, i hope they'll resolve this issue soon.

23-Aug-2019 10:55:56

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