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End of the month event:

Map is running out of space, if you are missing your name, show it up in next in cming war.

Regular world war event - World War 5

Old events:

1# WW 1 Mog time (Winner Reign of Terror)
2# WW 2 Mog time (Winner Reverant)
3# WW 3 Sharkbrew (Winner USA)
4# WW 4 Mountain / Pit The Blue Owl (Winner Reign of Terror)

Time zone:

September 29th , sunday 8 Pm Est

This isint the official jagex war, but all the events been created and supported by Jagex.


Its a war. Alone, duo, teams, clans, looters , lumbridge welcome.

If the events goes well, we will make next war more risky with higher tier loots and gears.

Johnmcdodger - Runescape Rainbow - Clan leader community

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