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I won't be attending this year, unfortunately. But I will be driving down to Farnborough for the Thursday evening and Friday lunchtime festivities. By the time you all get into RuneFest on Saturday morning, I will be boarding a flight to California for 2 weeks. I'll be going next year though! (And yes, I always buy merchandise - it's my weakness).
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17-Jul-2019 00:16:59

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I am on the fence. I've never been, in spite of living literally 40 minutes from London (where it was before), and even closer to Far*'b (about 20 minutes).

It's not the money that bothers me, it's more the expectation. I've played RS for 15 years, left/came back/left/came back, more times than i care to remember. Recently, i've been a lot more active, maxed (finally) and am really enjoying the game. Some nagging thought in my mind just tells me Fest might not be all it cracks up to be, and i'll end up retiring again. Also, being nearly 30, none of my friends play, none of my clan mates will be there, nor anyone i know to be honest... While i consider myself the life of most parties, i would be a tad concerned going balls in solo.

Change my mind?

19-Jul-2019 22:51:41

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This is going to be the first runefest that i'll be attending, and i'll be there with 3 of my clanmates. To be there with people whom you have spend hours pvming, talking over discord, just adds to the excitement. So many fun interactions to be had and memories to be made. i can't wait, i love it!
see you guys there! :)

19-Jul-2019 23:42:03

Mr Rey Ray
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Nope, not my cup of tea I'm afraid. Plus it is a little too over priced for myself.
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