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Now I understand we have the wilderness, and I also understand we have the request dueling system. Both are great in the idea that they require you to volunteer to either go into a bad area or accept a duel. What if there was a world where nobody was safe anywhere in rs? This idea would struggle as people would say the world landscape is too big and it wouldn't pick up steam. My suggestion to fix this would be providing increase experience/ drops on these worlds, and fewer bank locations. Remove all deposit chest, and provide say half the banks in a certain radius. There should also be a delayed bank feature that would let you reuse bank again for a said amount of minutes.

There are many extra features jagex could add if wanted.

1. NPC hostility based on kills in area
2. Current rank feature- Current kill leader and when a leaderboard high rank logs in everyone in the world is notified.
3. Certain NPCS transform into bosses if you anger them enough. These NPCS could drop valuable rare drop table items, but no new rares.
4. Possible delay for rentry into the world if/when you die.

Who would benefit?

1. Pkers who miss the spirit of what the wilderness used to be.
2. End gamers looking for a new challenge
3. People who like big activity interactions
4. Skillers or anyone training combat looking for added risk/ gains

05-May-2019 02:55:32

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It doesn't matter how many times you try to slap a fresh coat of paint on it, the entire concept of high risk PVP is incompatible with the modern game and its community. If the only way you can come up with to get people to participate is with game breaking xp rates or profits, you need to face that reality that nobody is interested in the actual content.
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