Slayer training help (legacy)

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Looking for gear tips and recommendations for getting myself to 120 slayer. I'm currently maxed with 104 slayer, and i've been thinking of using ranged the rest of the way.

I haven't played in some time so i'm unsure on what gear to use, or even just what masters to use....etc....

any info would be great.

17-Jul-2019 17:41:10

Dodge Roll
Nov Member 2017

Dodge Roll

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Morvran is a good choice for a slayer master. As per combat, I'd say use revolution with legacy interface mode, but if you really want to use legacy combat, then mage would be your best bet. Maybe nox staff, even staff of light is good, for range nox bow, under budget then maybe chaotics or zaryte bow. armor wise, t70 augmented works just fine.

20-Jul-2019 16:01:11

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