Pieces of Hate rewards insight

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Ok, so it seemed like a lot of people mentioned a pet, and thats not on the list anywhere. Also, I think Brim Agility buff and Pirate Impling buff really shouldn't be rewards, they should just be normal buffs that are added to ninja backlog, they just need them so much that their base needs them not just an upgrade.

I don't care for repeatable miniboss, already skip Skeletal Horror, Bork and Agoroth because they're not worth taking time out of the game to do. Jagex has mentioned wanting to cut out dailies and such, this just seems like it could mess with that. The most common I'd want it if its done is a monthly, and even then meh.

So yea, Pirate Outfit, Holy Wrench boosting demonhorn and ectoplasmator, and a Pet would be my preferred.

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