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Insight into the Pieces of Hate rewards

Firstly, thanks for your input in the past reward brainstorm for the Pieces of Hate quest!
We've been scouring through it all, compiling the ideas with our own and shortlisting our favourites for the time we have available to develop them, which you'll find below.

What we're already working on

Quest points & completion XP
It’s a given with quests that you’ll earn quest points and XP in some relevant skills, and that’s still the case here in Pieces of Hate.

The big book 'o piracy
A step up from the little book o' piracy, it'll have all its old features, with the added bonus of being able to teleport you to Mos Le'Harmless, Braindeath, Dragontooth and Harmony.

Insights into ancient mysteries
After the quest, and with the right skill levels, you'll be able to uncover ancient secrets about a certain location you'll visit during the quest. You'll also earn a chunk of XP for doing so!

What we're thinking about

These are rewards we haven't set in stone or started working on but are on our most recent shortlist. There's a good chance we won't be doing *all* of these,
so let us know which of them you’re excited for!

Cosmetic rewards
Ye can’t be a pirate without some fanciful outfitting, so how about lifting Rabid Jack's hat & sword for yourself?
There’s a chance we could also update the model for the existing Barrelchest anchor, based on the updated NPC’s weapon.

Pirate impling loot table changes
It's no secret that the Pirate impling loot table isn't as appealing as many of the other implings.
We'd be looking at removing some of the non-unique chaff, like the buyable clothing, and replacing them with more desirable on-theme booty like bags of gold, treasure maps clue scrolls, Brimhaven agility tickets and "the stuff".

Brimhaven Agility arena reward buffs & additions
While we're not looking to change the admittedly mediocre XP rates (with this update), Izzy No Beard might be convinced to shake up his shop as thanks for taking on Rabid Jack, offering greater numbers of herbs for your efforts, and a right-handed Pirate's hook.

Repeatable miniboss
After defeating it in the quest we'd allow you to track down this quest's miniboss on a time-locked basis, in the same style as Agoroth or the Skeletal Horror, for a reward payout of XP or bonus XP.

More holy wrench bonuses
A popular ninja request has been to make the holy wrench more useful. While we're not comfortable with it making it into an always active effect on the toolbelt we were scratching our heads for other ways to make the wrench more attractive and decided on a nice little bonus effect. While it usually improves prayer point restoration from potions, we feel like we can improve the effect by having it work alongside Dungeoneering prayer necklaces when used together, increasing prayer restoration effects and perhaps XP when used in conjuction.

We'd love to know which of these you're excited about (or not excited about) and if you think we've missed anything to do with the above.

Look forward to the quest in early 2018.

Mod Chaose & The Judges development team

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