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I really like the piracy book and the insights ideas, would the insights be a mqc req?

out of the ones you're thinking about, I personally like the imp loot changes, the miniboss, and the holy wrench bonuses...mines just been sitting in my bank for years it's almost lost in there!

I can't see myself using the cosmetics but I know some people will use them, will the anchor model be a cosmetic or is it just an updated look? I would personally leave out the brimhaven agil course rewards as I don't think people really use it anymore apart from a task as there are better ways to train agility at that level.

overall it's looking good though and I can't wait to do the quest. I love the pirate series and I'm glad that some quest lines that haven't been progressed in years are getting some spotlight!
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08-Dec-2017 16:41:43

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