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FE Rafutah
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FE Rafutah

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The rewards as they stand sound good. Looking forward to them!

Cosmetic rewards - I'm not necessarily a cosmetic reward fan, so not too hyped for this.

Pirate impling buff - As an ironman this would be very handy indeed. Finding one of these is always kinda meh, so this would be a nice upgrade as a reward. Clue scroll drops would be nice if they are somewhat rare at least.

Brimhaven improvements - Meh...If you want to make this more desireable, (just) expanding the shop isn't gonna cut it. Something like 1.2x tickets after quest completion would be better, but this isn't all that great either way.

Repeatable boss - I fully agree with first post from Avernic here. Agoroth v2 is definitely not needed/wanted and would only increase daily/weeklyscape which you mentioned wanting to decrease. If we are going to get a boss fight, something like corp would be nice - A boss that is somewhat challenging and is worth doing.

Holy wrench buff - Sounds absolutely fantastic. Yes please.

Let me finish off with a last suggestion - Let us use the broken farming patches on Braindeath Island, after quest completion. Would be a nice expansion of farming runs. Cheers!

11-Dec-2017 01:44:01

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Thingummywut said:
I like the sound of everything else but the time-gated miniboss. Wasn't dailyscape supposed to be toned down?

The bosses mentioned are both weeklies, so I'd assume whatever is under consideration is also a weekly.

11-Dec-2017 09:25:37

Mod Chaose

Mod Chaose

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Thanks for all your feedback over the weekend. I'll be taking this back to the team so we can prioritise what we're going to do with your ideas in mind.

Cheers :)

11-Dec-2017 10:25:29

Prime Axiom

Prime Axiom

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@Everyone in Holy Wrench Conversation 2 pages ago.

You all came up with creative solutions, but this is all unnecessary. There's only 1 thing Jagex needs to do, and that's add the wrench to the tool-belt. Yes, I know they said that they were uncomfortable doing this, but I can care less. They were comfortable nerfing planted feet for melee and felt removing the dots on sunshine/swiftness was a real handicap. As far as I am concerned, their sense of balance is beyond skewed.

The fact of the matter is, the holy wrench is effectively useless. It either takes up an inventory spot or your pocket slot. Wasting the pocket slot for the holy wrench is moronic for PVM. A super restore is always going to give more prayer points per inventory spot. Putting on the toolbelt will give it some tiny function... which is the perfect way to approach this problem. The holy wrench is just asking to be put on the tool belt. I mean... it's a muthafucking wrench. If anything should go on a toolbelt, it's a wrench. But this is Jagex. A simple, elegant solution that benefits the player is out of the question.

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