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Insight into the Pieces of Hate rewards

Firstly, thanks for your input in the past reward brainstorm for the Pieces of Hate quest!
We've been scouring through it all, compiling the ideas with our own and shortlisting our favourites for the time we have available to develop them, which you'll find below.

What we're already working on

Quest points & completion XP
Itís a given with quests that youíll earn quest points and XP in some relevant skills, and thatís still the case here in Pieces of Hate.

The big book 'o piracy
A step up from the little book o' piracy, it'll have all its old features, with the added bonus of being able to teleport you to Mos Le'Harmless, Braindeath, Dragontooth and Harmony.

Insights into ancient mysteries
After the quest, and with the right skill levels, you'll be able to uncover ancient secrets about a certain location you'll visit during the quest. You'll also earn a chunk of XP for doing so!

What we're thinking about

These are rewards we haven't set in stone or started working on but are on our most recent shortlist. There's a good chance we won't be doing *all* of these,
so let us know which of them youíre excited for!

Cosmetic rewards
Ye canít be a pirate without some fanciful outfitting, so how about lifting Rabid Jack's hat & sword for yourself?
Thereís a chance we could also update the model for the existing Barrelchest anchor, based on the updated NPCís weapon.

Pirate impling loot table changes
It's no secret that the Pirate impling loot table isn't as appealing as many of the other implings.
We'd be looking at removing some of the non-unique chaff, like the buyable clothing, and replacing them with more desirable on-theme booty like bags of gold, treasure maps clue scrolls, Brimhaven agility tickets and "the stuff".

Brimhaven Agility arena reward buffs & additions
While we're not looking to change the admittedly mediocre XP rates (with this update), Izzy No Beard might be convinced to shake up his shop as thanks for taking on Rabid Jack, offering greater numbers of herbs for your efforts, and a right-handed Pirate's hook.

Repeatable miniboss
After defeating it in the quest we'd allow you to track down this quest's miniboss on a time-locked basis, in the same style as Agoroth or the Skeletal Horror, for a reward payout of XP or bonus XP.

More holy wrench bonuses
A popular ninja request has been to make the holy wrench more useful. While we're not comfortable with it making it into an always active effect on the toolbelt we were scratching our heads for other ways to make the wrench more attractive and decided on a nice little bonus effect. While it usually improves prayer point restoration from potions, we feel like we can improve the effect by having it work alongside Dungeoneering prayer necklaces when used together, increasing prayer restoration effects and perhaps XP when used in conjuction.

We'd love to know which of these you're excited about (or not excited about) and if you think we've missed anything to do with the above.

Look forward to the quest in early 2018.

Mod Chaose & The Judges development team

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Looking forward to a stronger holy wrench and a teleport book which will hopefully be more useful than the current pirate spell sheet.
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08-Dec-2017 16:38:06

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Thoughts on the things being thought of:

Cosmetic Stuff: Sweet, bring it on!

Pirate Implings: Not really interested. Hunting down implings isn't a pastime of mine, nor I think anyone. To make it interesting something REALLY big and rare needs to be put on the table.

Brimhaven Agility: More herbs ain't gonna make me go here. Something new would have to be added to the shop. Maybe something like the Bonepicker upgrade for the Herbicide?

Miniboss: If it's like Agoroth, no thank you. If it's like the Abomination, maybe? If it's like Corp, I welcome it. And since the description sites Agoroth as a comparison . . . no thank you.

Holy Wrench: The demonhorn necklace use is perfect, excited to use this!

Might as well throw in all the guaranteed stuff sounds great, especially the post-quest discovery stuff!

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Ok, so it seemed like a lot of people mentioned a pet, and thats not on the list anywhere. Also, I think Brim Agility buff and Pirate Impling buff really shouldn't be rewards, they should just be normal buffs that are added to ninja backlog, they just need them so much that their base needs them not just an upgrade.

I don't care for repeatable miniboss, already skip Skeletal Horror, Bork and Agoroth because they're not worth taking time out of the game to do. Jagex has mentioned wanting to cut out dailies and such, this just seems like it could mess with that. The most common I'd want it if its done is a monthly, and even then meh.

So yea, Pirate Outfit, Holy Wrench boosting demonhorn and ectoplasmator, and a Pet would be my preferred.

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I really like the piracy book and the insights ideas, would the insights be a mqc req?

out of the ones you're thinking about, I personally like the imp loot changes, the miniboss, and the holy wrench bonuses...mines just been sitting in my bank for years it's almost lost in there!

I can't see myself using the cosmetics but I know some people will use them, will the anchor model be a cosmetic or is it just an updated look? I would personally leave out the brimhaven agil course rewards as I don't think people really use it anymore apart from a task as there are better ways to train agility at that level.

overall it's looking good though and I can't wait to do the quest. I love the pirate series and I'm glad that some quest lines that haven't been progressed in years are getting some spotlight!
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I would absolutely love the chance to rob Jack of his Hat and Sword, if you make them look unique enough of course.
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08-Dec-2017 16:47:58

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I am not a fan of clue scrolls as a reward from a tradeable item (Pirate Impling in a Jar). As for the other rewards, they all look so good, I don't think we need a cosmetic barrelchest outfit, it seems kind of bulky. Maybe just go with a mini-barrelchest pet or something instead? Clues are love, Clues are life.

08-Dec-2017 16:54:16

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As someone who has used the holy wrench on hundrends of slayer tasks I can say it would not be too op for the toolbelt. I don't know of any other pocket slot items I would use on slayer tasks except for vamp scrimshaw. Illuminated books are used to set fastest boss time records. I still don't see why it shouldn't be added to the toolbelt. If it really is too op they it shouldn't even get an upgrade. The brightest ideas are the most undervalued.

08-Dec-2017 16:55:31

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I think the main problem with the holy wrench is that it takes up an inventory space. Even if you use 27 4 dose prayer pots it only ends up giving you a few extra prayer points so it isn't really worth having. Buffing the amount it saves would be one way to go about it so you end up with say 3-5 extra prayer pots worth of points if you take 27 with it but it still takes up an inventory space and that bugs the crap out of me. Making it have the option to be a pocket slot item would be an improvement but if I'm bossing and not just grinding pvm I'm probably going to want something more useful for dps in my pocket slot.

The real way to make the holy wrench good would be to allow it to be combined with something like the comp cape ideally, or the potion reservoir. Honestly that needs a ton of improvement as well. Maybe I want my brews, supreme ovl salve, super restore, and wyrmfire potions to all autopot so I can focus on spamming the crap out of my keybinds and dodging area attacks. Especially at telos trying to spam attacks, dodge/respond to specials that happen literally every 3 normal attacks, and keep my health, prayer, and pots up is just too much crap happening all at once. It would be nice if the potion reservoir had some kind of upgrade that made it an item that ran off of charges & flasks or you could just combine them and then they auto drank whatever potions you tell them to and adding the holy wrench to it would justify it taking up an inven slot.

The way they are now both are pretty crippled. Nice, but barely useful.

08-Dec-2017 16:59:27

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