[Sell] Elemental Runes + More

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Extra Snacks
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Extra Snacks

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Selling bulk runes:

Fires - 6 each - current stock 10m+
Waters - 6 each - current stock 10m+
Airs - 6 each - current stock 13m+
Earths - 6 each - current stock 10m+
Minds - 5 each - current stock 10m+
Bloods - 330 each - current stock 100k+
Deaths - 230 each - current stock 100k+

Discounts may be available on very large quantities.

I can also source any other runes you may be looking for. Just let me know!

Add me on Discord (preferred method) at: Extra Snacks#7514
Or message me in game at: Extra Snacks


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