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When I play RS on my main rig I have trouble finding a balance of Windows 10 scaling and being able to fully enjoy RS at 4K.

I appreciate the "First world problem" aspect of this, however something like an in-game HUD scaler would let me enjoy the game world whilst also not requiring a super zoom lense to see inventory etc. Windows 10 scaling to the recommended 150% causes a not insignificant amount of blur, but fixes the HUD issues.

I also wonder why a game like this draws nearly 92% GPU usage?

Thank you for a great game!
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18-Apr-2019 23:14:25

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You keep bumping like you're expecting a response, but not sure you're really going to get one..

There is no scaling option. You can lower the resolution or try and use the options in Windows like you have, but this doesn't necessarily resolve the problem. Even if it doesn't, there's not much else you can do.

As for 92% GPU usage, only Jagex could really answer that, and their staff don't use these forums. I would be tempted to say inefficient use of resources, but that's an assumption without knowing your graphics settings. If you don't like that, try disabling certain of the more resource intensive options, or lower the FPS target.

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21-Apr-2019 12:28:56

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